Front Ear, Back Ear

Front Ear, Back Ear is a non-site-specific, two-person soundwalk.
Front Ear leads the walk and Back Ear follows.

Created for the Megapolis Audio Festival in Oakland 2015.
Duration 17:12 for each walk.  Total duration: 34:24.

sample 1:

sample 2:

To participate:
1) Download BOTH sound files from Soundcloud – Front Ear and Back Ear – and put one each on two mp3 players.
2)Pick a location to begin the soundwalk.  The person listening to Front Ear will lead the walk.
3) Cue up the sound file, and on a count of three, both participants press play to start the audio.

IMG_9822IMG_9815 IMG_9813  IMG_9810IMG_9805 IMG_9809 IMG_9925IMG_9926IMG_9927IMG_9928